Best Diet Foods

The question of what may be the best diet foods to eat will depend a lot on your own likes and dislikes.

Here are 3 of the best diet foods for health and longevity

  1. The additive Proprionate
  2. The Asian citrus fruit Yuzu
  3. The beverage Red Wine


  1. Proprionate is formed naturally in the digestive system by gut bacteria and has the effect of an appetite suppressant. Researchers have found a way of creating a food additive from the proprionate fatty acid molecule by attaching it to a form of dietary fibre found in chicory, known as inulin.

Proprionate itself is very unpalatable and tastes like acetic acid but added to inulin this foul taste is largely lost. Researchers have shown in trials that people who need to lose weight and add the ingredient to their daily meals put on far less weight than a control group who do not use the additive.

Prof Gary Frost

Professor Gary Frost of Imperial College, London who heads up the research says that: “because the additive makes a person feel fuller than they otherwise would, over time they eat significantly less food.


Yuzu is a versatile Asian citrus not unlike a lemon to look at but more tangy and with a floral perfume. Well known in Asian cuisine it is now becoming popular with western chefs and keen home cooks as one of the best diet foods.

Yuzu Fruit

The zest can be grated on to fish or its juice used in marinades and salad dressings. James Wilkins, the chef and owner of Wilks in Bristol says “Its aroma is almost like orange blossom”. It is also popular in desserts such as sorbets, tarts and panna cotta style dishes.


Yuzu has 3 times more vitamin C than a lemon (making it ideal to help ward off colds and relieve symptoms).It also boasts a wealth of antioxidants to assist in the removal of toxins from the body.

Although widely available in Japan it is still fairly uncommon in the west and your best chance of finding them are online or at an Asian supermarket.  The juice and other Yuzu products are probably easier to find but nothing quite compares with the fresh fruit.

Red Wine

Red Wine has often been associated with healthy living - the french who are well known as wine drinkers have a low incidence of heart disease despite a relatively high fat diet.

Red Wine

Scientists have discovered that an organic compound found  particularly in grapes and nuts called Resveratrol may protect the body against age-related diseases.

It appears to guard human cells against genetic damage; something that becomes more of a problem with age and is similar in effect to another molecule which limits stress and damage to a cells DNA.

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