Exercise To Lose Weight

Exercise to lose weight is not necessarily true for everyone.

Research by Dr Jamie Timmons, Professor of systems biology at Loughborough University, UK shows that not everyone will gain health benefits from exercise.

He has developed a new genetic test, called XRPredict, costing £199, which identifies how much benefit an individual will derive from aerobic exercise. The results of the tests are processed by his company XRGenomics.

Loughborough University specializes in the training of athletes and Dr Timmons explained that: “… ten years ago we started trying to come up with diagnostics that explained the differences we saw when we trained people. We were seeing huge variations in response to the same exercise programme.”

They discovered that:

1 in 6 of the general population is a high responder and enjoys a 25-50% increase in aerobic fitness if following the NHS guidelines on beneficial exercise

1 in 3 is a medium responder and will show a 15-25% increase

1 in 3 is a medium-low responder and will show a 5-15% increase

1 in 6 is a low responder and will show at most only a 5% increase


Low Responders

Most of the low responders will see no benefit in exercise which is 3% of the population or 1.8 million people in Britain.

Prof Timmons believes that low responders find it harder to convert the oxygen they breathe into energy that can be utilised by their muscles.

The answer may lie in changing the exercise regime to suit the individual for example resistance training with weights or perhaps combining exercise with anti-inflammatory drugs. Although he admits more work needs to be done to assess these options.

Take The Test

If you are someone who feels that regular exercise has failed to improve your fitness or mental well being and wish to take the XRPredict test you will need to supply details of your height, weight, current and past exercise regimes and a saliva swab to their lab.

Even if the results of your test reveal that you are a low responder, Prof Timmons believes just spending a short while doing exercise you enjoy is worthwhile.

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