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5 Health Facts To Startle Your Grandma

  1. Why you should NOT believe everything doctors (and your grandmother) tell you about normal weight and safe drinking levels - Find out more
Doctors and nurses

2. What is making me fat? - find out now with this quick questionnaire then discover how you can lose it.

3. Natural ways to lower high blood pressure - eat bananas as the potassium in them counteracts high salt levels, eat less salt in ready made foods, exercise regularly, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. Then watch your high blood pressure plummet.

4. “Naughty But Nice” foods that are actually good for you and why - coconut, wine, beer, butter, cheese

Red Wine

5. Feeling alone with your diet problems - join a forum and share your hopes and problems with like minded people.

Blood pressure monitor

Find out more about these and other health facts

You can get back in control of your life and diet by sorting out fact from fad and discover some of the myths that celebrities believe is the best lifestyle for everyone. 

It is easy to become dazzled by the stars but with a little digging everyone can unearth a healthy diet and lifestyle that is just right for them.

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