About Healthy Diet Living

Chris Wigg ALCM

Hello! My name is Chris! Welcome to my site about Healthy Diet Living!

For many years now I have worked as a professional carer for Action For Children. In this time I have acquired an in depth knowledge of health and diet related topics for adults and children.

Early Memories

Everyone has memories of the food they ate as a child and for good or ill they can influence our future likes and dislikes. I grew up in Britain during the fifties and sixties when food manufacturers were beginning to change the eating habits of the nation.

Despite the austerity of the war years the diet then was a healthy one but people were keen for a change and trying new foods which weren't necessarily good for us.  I remember being introduced to Fray Bentos pies, Vesta beef curries and sweet and sour pork from Chinese takeaways.

These meals seemed more exotic and attractive than the traditional fare served up by my mother - dishes such as Shepherds Pie, Sunday Roasts with Yorkshire Puddings and Fish Pie on Good Friday.

What I and my family did not realize at the time was the fact that certain aspects of our diet were less than healthy. For example I remember my father adding a little pile of salt to the side of his plate and then sprinkling this over his food. In hindsight I know that this may well have contributed to his raised blood pressure and later strokes.

Find out what I learned to beat this common health problem:

At Home In The Kitchen

My father was a clergyman and my mother, a typical clergy wife of the period, was expected to run the Mother's Union, arrange the flowers in church and much else besides. This often left us children, myself, three brothers and one sister, to our own devices in the kitchen. I remember a wry comment of my aunt that "if the Wigg children couldn't handle a frying pan by the age of ten they would go hungry".

Corn beef hash, I remember was a favourite as was also a method of cooking potatoes with marmite, devised on a holiday camp at Lulworth Cove which were the only ingredients left to us, having spent all our money. I still occasionally cook our 'Lulworth Potatoes'.

This introduction to the kitchen at a young age was the start of my love affair with cooking which went on to include growing my own fruit and vegetables and establishing my own Organic Market Garden.
The organic aspect of growing my own vegetables raised my awareness of good husbandry and healthy eating; although I am not obsessive about the need for everything to be organically grown I am now more aware of the dangers inherent in a dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

farmers market, vegetables and greens

I have been blessed with a generally healthy life and as I get older I appreciate even more my own good health and well being. However in the past couple of years I have experienced health issues relating to high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and this has inspired me to research what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Taking responsibility for our own health is increasingly important as the notion that the National Health Service will cure all ills irrespective of lifestyle has become increasingly untenable.

To further educate myself in the art of healthy diet living is the inspiration for this website and I trust that it will prove useful and enlightening for others seeking to maintain and improve their own well being. Chris Wigg ALCM