Healthy Eating Habits
Are Your Secret To Good Health Healthy

Developing and sticking to healthy eating habits is not as tough as you think it is.

Eating right will make you look better and feel better. You will also feel more energetic and will be able to think clearly.

Your immune system will gain strength and ailments will stay away from you. Good eating habits are a sure-shot way of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

healthy eating habits include fruits, vegetables and fish

For years I believed I had good eating habits but as I became older I found I was putting on more weight. This is a natural process but it does mean you have to pay more attention to diet. I began to look more closely at diet and by chance I made a life-changing discovery which resulted in my losing 8 kgs/1 stone in weight in just 3 months. Elsewhere on this site I reveal the eating habits I followed to achieve this.

In order to develop healthy eating habits that you can follow consistently, there are a few things you can do. I will run you through a simple healthy eating plan that will make eating healthy a breeze.

If you stick to it, I guarantee you will not fail. Make a staunch commitment to yourself and see how your health changes. You'll also begin to adopt a range of healthy eating habits for the long-term.

So here goes my 3 step plan:

Step 1

Jot down or print a personal food planner. This planner will have your food plan for the week. At the end of the week, you simply make a new one.

One page of the planner will have to be divided into two columns. One column should hold the names of the unhealthy food that you are tempted to have while the other should list all healthy foods to eat.

One page will also have a list of healthy eating recipes such as the ones that I have discussed here. This is more of a ready-reckoner (simple table of numbers used for calculations)  which will come in handy later. All you have to do is follow the basic 8 tips for healthy eating that we had discussed and you should be good to go.

Step 2

From the list of unhealthy foods in your ready reckoner, pick one food that you really like eating. This should also be one that you are willing to replace with a healthy one.

Find a healthy food option and replace the unhealthy one. Follow this pattern every single day and banish one unhealthy food from your life, one at a time. By the end of the week, you will find that you have crossed 7 unhealthy foods off that list.

Step 3

grocery shopping list make it healthy

The next area that needs to be attacked is your grocery shopping list. Make it the way you generally do, and then strike off everything that is processed. Also strike off milk products such as whole fat milk, cheese and butter. Cancel out all the red meats as well.

Before you move into depression and start wondering exactly what you are going to fill your shopping cart with, go back to your ready reckoner and take a good look at all the healthy foods that you had made a note of. Start adding those to your list.

Do this every week or every fortnight depending on how often you do your shopping. Very soon you will realize that picking healthy foods becomes a habit.

Step 4

Another very important thing that you should do is to make it a point to pack a quick meal for yourself to take to work. This will keep you away from any unhealthy food that you have to settle for otherwise.

On days when you are unable to grab something from your fridge or rustle up something, ensure that you stay away from fast foods. Settle for a midday meal of salads and juices instead.

If that does not satiate your hunger, settle for a whole grain sandwich. You have to persist with your healthy diet plan till it actually becomes a habit.

Always keep in mind that health is something that has to be built and it is a mix of many different things. It’s about being particular about what you put on your plate. It’s about not giving in to temptation. It’s about exercise and leading an active lifestyle.

Maintaining healthy eating habits is about making a conscious and concerted effort to lead a healthy life. I know how difficult it can be in the beginning to make the switch but it is far better to make the choice your own rather than have it made for you by failing health.

I’m here for you if you need some additional motivation and support. Just contact me and I’ll get back to you with some words of advice.

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