8 Basic Healthy Eating Tips
For Good Health & Long Life

It is important to follow healthy eating tips as a habit and not just as a fad. Eating healthy will build your immunity, improve your overall health and boost your vitality. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that you are what you eat.

When you eat unhealthy food, you are also burning bad fuel. The only thing that this will end up doing is clogging your system, slowing you down and making you feel tired and run down.

I’d like to share with you 8 healthy eating tips that are very easy to adhere to:

healthy eating tips

Tip 1. Careful with the Calories

In my opinion, there really is no need to go crazy counting calories. We all know which foods are high on calories and we still tend to gorge on them. We know that staying away from fats, butter and oil is important but we never refuse a side serving of fries.

We are very well aware that sweet foods are piled with calories, but we never reach for fruit and frozen yoghurts instead. Saying no to all of these unhealthy foods is one of the basic healthy eating tips and one of the most important ones too. Mind your portion sizes as well and you should be on the right path.

Tip If you have a partner or eat out with a friend, share the portion served between the two of you. Just tell the waiter you want to share and ask for a 2nd plate. Most portions are way too big so this way you get to eat a sensible amount for half the cost – what’s not to like?

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Tip 2. Switch to Fruits & Vegetables

It’s a commonly known fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and fiber and have long proved the staple of the Mediterranean Diet. They are powerhouses of nutrition and there is no reason to pick at them at dinner.

Ensure that you eat a minimum of 5 portions of different types of healthy vegetables and fruits every day. When buying from the supermarket leave the fruit to ripen for a day or so as many fruits are not fully ripe when put on display to prolong their shelf life.

Tip 3. Starchy Foods

At least 1/3rd of the foods you eat should be starchy. These include bread, rice, potatoes and cereals. Opt for whole and multigrain breads and brown and unpolished rice. Eat potatoes in moderation and never fry them. Baking or roasting is a healthier option. It is a fallacy that starchy foods are very fattening. On a gram by gram basis, they contain 50% the calories of fat.

Tip 4. Eat More Fish

Fish is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Eat at least two potions of fish per week and try to substitute red meats with fish. Opt for fresh fish against canned or smoked ones as these can be very high on salt. Choose an oily fish such as salmon or mackerel as these are high in Omega-3 oils which are especially beneficial to health.

Tip 5. Cut Down On Sugar & Fat

Cream, lard, sausages, cakes, biscuits and cheeses contain saturated fat. It goes without saying that you should avoid these foods. However, it is not a good idea to cut out fat completely from your diet. Opt instead for foods such as avocados, oily fish and vegetable oils. These contain unsaturated fats which are good for your health. Pick lean meats and stay away from carbonated and alcoholic drinks and desserts.

Tip 6. Eat Less Salt

All foods that we eat already contain a certain amount of salt. Soups, cereals, sauces and breads, all have salts. What you add to foods that you cook is an addition to that.

Excessive salt in the body can result in high blood pressure problems and cause a whole host of health issues especially to the over 40s age group. Add more flavour to your meals with herbs and spices in place of salt. Check the salt content of bought in stocks; stock cubes are notoriously high in salt so better to make your own.

Tip 7. Hydration

You need to keep your body well hydrated. Stay away from sugary packaged juices and fizzy drinks. The same can be said for alcoholic drinks. The human body needs around 1.2 liters of fluid to avoid dehydration. Most of this should ideally come from water although tea is a healthy drink.

Tip 8. Never Skip Breakfast

women eating breakfast

Some people feel that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. On the contrary, starving your body when it needs the most energy will do more harm than good. Eating a hearty, nutritious breakfast is the best way to provide your body the fuel it needs to tackle the day.

You can go easy on the rest of the meals of the day, with dinner being the lightest. Research shows that missing breakfast over a long period of time can cause major health problems.

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For me, being healthy is as much as a state of mind as a physical one. You will have to work on feeling healthy, active, vibrant, motivated, awake and happy. Following these healthy eating tips are no good if you do not back it up with regular exercise.

Think of exercise as an important part of your day, like cleaning your teeth. It’s not something you fit in only if you have time. Make it easy for yourself – just walk out the door or jump on your bike; you’ll be surprised at how many interesting places you discover and never realized existed. Chances are you’ll also have fun meeting other like minded people. So don’t rely on the gym for your daily work out.

The very popular Mediterranean diet also propagates healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Maintain a healthy body weight and exercise whenever you find the opportunity. It’s better to be a few kilos lighter than heavier.

Above all, be happy, eat well and stay healthy and if you are looking for more healthy eating tips Click Here. Also if you'd like to share your own healthy eating tips please get in touch

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