Healthy Food Lists

Healthy food lists are a great help in checking how many calories you are consuming in your daily diet.

Use the information below to plan your daily meals to ensure that you are staying within the guidelines - 2600 calories for men and 2000 for women.

Alcoholic Drinks per 100ml

Cream Liqueurs 327.0kcal

Beer - bitter of medium strength 32.0kcal

Beer - stout 30.0kcal

Lager - medium strength 45.0 kcal

Wine  - medium strength 74.0 kcal

Fortified wine - medium strength 136.0 kcal

Spirits - medium strength 222.0 kcal

Bread, Biscuits & Cakes - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Bagel - 222.0kcal

Baguette - 240.0kcal

White Bread - 280.0kcal

Brown Bread - 207.0kcal

Cakes - 445.0kcal

Biscuit - 470.0kcal

Jam doughnut - 287.0kcal

Breakfast Cereals - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Bran Flakes - 320.0kcal

Corn Flakes - 370.0kcal

Porridge Oats - 368.0kcal

Shredded Wheat - 325.0kcal

Chocolate & Sweets - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Milk chocolate – 520.0kcal

Mars Bar - 512.0kcal

Ice Cream - 318.0kcal

Sweetened popcorn - 405.0kcal

Artificial sweeteners - 384.0kcal 

Crisps & Snacks – Ca­lories in a typical serving of 100g

Crisps – 525.0kcal

Olives - 103.0kcal

Cereal Bars - 391.0kcal

Drinks - Calories in a typical serving of 100ml

White Coffee - 7.0kcal

Coke – 43.0kcal

Orange juice - ­4.0kcal

White Tea – 8.0kcal

Eggs & Dairy - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Butter - 734.0kcal

Cheese full fat - 429.0kcal

Cheese low calorie - 170.0kcal

Egg boiled - 147.0kcal

Milk semi skimmed - 50.0kcal

Milk whole – 66.9.0kcal

Yoghurt low fat - 59.0kcal

Yoghurt low fat with fruit - 95.0kcal

Yoghurt full fat – 159.0kcal

Fast Food - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Big Mac - 229.0kcal

Cheeseburger - 260.0kcal

Fried chicken - 170.0kcal

Fries - 280.0kcal

Hamburger - 240.0kcal

Pizza - 220.0kcal


Fruit- Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Apples – 47.5.0kcal

Avocado Pear - 190.0kcal

Banana - 95.0kcal

Grapes - 61.0kcal

Kiwi Fruit - 49.0kcal

Melon - 30.0kcal

Oranges - 62.0kcal

Pears - 35.0kcal

Strawberries - 28.0kcal

Meat & Fish - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Bacon - 304.0kcal

Sausage - 252.0kcal

Chicken - 171.0kcal

Chicken Breast fillets - 116.0kcal

Fillet Steak - 191.0kcal

Ham - 115.0kcal

Lamb chops - 246.0kcal

Pork chops - 260.0kcal

Mackerel fresh - 181.0kcal

Salmon  fresh- 201.0kcal

Sardines in tomatoes - 162.0kcal

Nuts & Seeds - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Almonds - 611.0kcal

Brazil Nuts - 687.0kcal

Cashew Nuts - 584.0kcal

Chestnuts - 170.0kcal

Hazelnuts - 655.0kcal

Peanuts - 622.0kcal

Sesame Seeds - 610.0kcal

Sunflower 585.0kcal

Walnuts - 691.0kcal

Girl slicing tomatoes

Vegetables - Calories in a typical serving of 100g

Potatoes - 109.0kcal

Broccoli - 24.0kcal

Cabbage 15.0kcal

Carrots 22.0kcal

Celery 7.0kcal

Chips - 252.0kcal

Lettuce - 13.0kcal

Mushrooms - 157.0kcal

Onions - 30.0kcal

Peas - 55.0kcal

Sweet Pepper - 27.0kcal

Use the calorie information in this healthy food list to improve your health and wellbeing. If you have any questions please contact us.

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