Healthy Restaurant Guide

What makes a good healthy restaurant guide? Here are a few ideas to which I invite you to add your own.

  • Healthy food
  • Good layout with comfortable seating
  • Clean and well maintained kitchens
  • Accessible and hygienic toilets
  • Helpful and friendly staff

My idea of a healthy restaurant includes all of the above and I am pleased to say that my local Weatherspoons, ‘The Cribbar’ at Newquay, ticks most of the boxes. Not only that but the prices are the best you’ll find anywhere which is a great help when money is tight.

I shall go into more detail of what I like about The Cribbar but the idea of this webpage is to encourage you to add your favourite restaurant or pub and why you think it should be included in a healthy restaurant guide.

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Cribbar dining area

Healthy Food

Although the Cribbar does not boast a huge menu what I like is the fact that all the choices show the calorific value of each. Chicken and pepper skewers with peri-peri sauce and side salad is 477 calories for example;  including chips adds 398 calories or rice adds 203 calories.

Very few restaurants I have visited include this information but it really does help you in making healthy choices.

The prices are also very competitive which brings the food and beverages within the range of most people.

Cribbar deli menu

The drinks are also well priced with tea at £0.85, coffee at just over £1 while real ales all served in tip top condition are as little as £2.19 per pint.

Comfortable Layout

The layout of the dining areas is well thought out  and has cosy areas for 2 or 3 people relaxing in easy chairs or tall bar stools arranged around wooden tables.

There is disability access to all areas including a lift for wheelchairs or baby buggies.

Cribbar Bar, Newquay

Kitchens and Amenities

Although I have not actually visited the kitchens I know they have been awarded the maximum of 5 stars for food hygiene.

I always think that good toilets are so important and in the Cribbar they are clean and well maintained. There is also a disabled / baby change toilet on the ground floor for easy access.

Friendly and helpful Staff

Finally the staff could not be more helpful and friendly. The bar staff know about the beers and ciders and will gladly offer a taste of any beers you wish to try before you buy. If I notice a member of staff has been particularly helpful I like to mention it to senior staff. We all appreciate a pat on the back in our work place.

Cribbar easy chairs

Healthy Restaurant Guide

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