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Loose weight fast if you've allowed your waist to expand to greater than half your height.

A study published in September 2014 by researchers at City University, London reveals that allowing your waist to grow more than half your height increases your risk of premature death.

Analysis of 20 years of British medical records shows that waist to height ratio has a greater impact on health than BMI (body mass index)

To calculate BMI you divide your weight by your height squared which in my case is

Weight = 78 kgs Height 1.79m - squared  x 1.79m = 3.20

BMI = 78/3.20 = 24.37 - this is within the normal range of between 19 - 25 for a man albeit on the higher end of the scale.

A healthy BMI for adults will fall between the range of 18.5 - 25 - this takes into account the different body shapes and sizes. Below this range means you are underweight and above it means you are overweight.

A BMI of 30 or above is considered obese and this will increase significantly the risk of diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart failure.

A BMI for children is known as a BMI centile and is calculated in relation to their height, weight and sex. Every child is usually issued with a growth chart by health professionals which is monitored and updated by them.

City University

Reasons To Loose Weight Fast

The researchers cite various examples:

A 30 year old man who is 5ft 10in (70in) tall should have a maximum waistline of 35in

Allowing his waist to increase to 56in means he is likely to die 20.2 years early

Allowing his waist to increase to only 42in means he is likely to die only 1.7  years early on average

A 30 year old woman who is 5ft 4in (64in) tall should have a maximum waistline of 32in

Allowing her waist to increase to 51in means she is likely to die 10.6 years early

Allowing her waist to increase to only 38.4in means she is likely to die only 1.4 years early on average

In percentage terms, a 50 year old man who’s waist was 80% of his height would lose an average of 14.3 years while a woman in similar condition would lose 9.2 years. From this it can be seen that a man has more to lose by being overweight.

One of the authors of the study, Dr Margaret Ashwell, emphasizes the importance of measuring waist to height ratio rather than relying on the BMI.  She says: “Keep your waist circumference to less than half your height.”

Les Mayhew, a City University professor of statistics, believes the government should advocate the waist-to-height ratio as a screening tool to assess the health risks of being overweight.

In the light of the above I am keen to check my waist/height ratio;

My height is 5ft 11in = 71 in and my waist is 35in which is just under half my height so that is a relief. However I shall be keeping an eye on my waistband to ensure it does not expand much further.

If you need to take action to reduce your own waistband then I can recommend the 5:2 diet - which is described by Dr Michael Mosely and Mimi Spencer in their book The Fast Diet.

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