Sugar Free Diet?

A sugar free diet is very difficult to achieve but we can certainly reduce our sugar intake quite easily. And there are compelling reasons to do so.

Sugary Foods

Recent research suggests that sugar is as addictive as nicotine and that too much in our diet can lead to diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer and premature ageing.

When sugar enters the blood stream the pancreas produces insulin to control the blood sugar levels. Excess sugar will be converted to fats which are then stored around your belly and certain organs. Fats known as triglycerides enter the bloodstream and can cause clogging of the arteries, leading to various diseases.

Food manufacturers are adding sugar to a huge range of products to increase their attractiveness so if you are eating ready made products, avoiding sugar is impossible.

Surprisingly savoury foods such as soups, pasta sauces, coleslaw and dressings all contain added sweeteners.  While refined carbohydrates found in bread and pasta convert rapidly to sugars in our bodies.


The World Health Organisation has plans to reduce the recommended daily quota of sugar from 10 to 5 teaspoons (a teaspoon of sugar weighs 4 grams). So read the labels on packaging to see how much added sugar there is.

Although not all show how much sugar is contained in a portion; the amount may be per 100g or 100ml and even where portions are shown they may be smaller than would normally be eaten e.g. 30g for a portion of cereal which is probably half of what we would have for breakfast.

High Sugar Foods

•    Banana – 7 teaspoons
•    Raisins – 7 teaspoons per small pack
•    Baked Beans  – 5 teaspoons per tin
•    Swede – 8.5 teaspoons
•    Sushi – 5.5 teaspoons per portion

Low Sugar Foods

•    Red or white wine – 1/4 teaspoons per large glass
•    Dark chocolate – 3 teaspoons per 100g
•    Plain ice cream – 1 teaspoons per scoop
•    Peanut butter – 1/4 teaspoons per tablespoon
•    Fish fingers – none

Red Wine Is Low In Sugar

Below are some more ideas to help steer you along the path towards a sugar free diet...

Breakfast foods containing no sugar

•    Shredded Wheat
•    Porridge Oats
•    Bacon
•    Hash Browns

Lunchtime foods containing no sugar

•    Pret A Manger Artisan Soup Bread
•    Fish Fingers

Dinner foods containing no sugar

•    Waitrose Italian Roast Mushroom Risotto
•    Birds Eye Salmon Fillets With Lemon And Herbs

Snack foods and sauces containing no sugar

•    Nairns Oatcakes
•    Mini Scotch Eggs
•    Hummus
•    Nando’s Extra Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce
•    Olive Oil

Kids foods containing no sugar

•    Baybybel Cheese
•    Peperami lunchbox minis
•    Bernard Matthews British Turkey Numbers
•    Mattessons Mini Chicken Bites
•    Little Dish Mild And Creamy Chicken Korma
•    Cathedral City Chedds Shapes
•    Cheesestrings

Vegetables containing no sugar

•    Mushrooms
•    Garlic
•    Radish
•    Kidney Beans

Soft Drinks foods containing no sugar

•    Pepsi Max
•    Cherry Vimto
•    Aqua Fruta Summer Fruits
•    Starbucks Americano
•    Tea with drop of milk
•    Fruit Teas

Alcoholic Drinks for a sugar free diet

•    Vodka
•    Gin
•    Bacardi
•    Whisky
•    Brandy

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